Zuri & Dre is a line of Black plush dolls that celebrates the beauty in cultural diversity. This line of dolls was conceptualized and designed by Danielle Murrell Cox, the illustrator of the Big Dreamers series. With so much synergy between the work that both Akilah and Danielle have been creating, they joined forces to launch Zuri & Dre, which will be available in November 2020.     
These beautiful plush dolls lets young Black children see themselves. They are for people who want to express themselves, but don’t know how. They are dolls that Akilah and Danielle yearned for when they were kids, but didn’t have access to growing up due to a lack of representation in the toy industry.  
Zuri & Dre are for kids and adults who don’t quite fit in (and that’s okay). They are for… YOU!